School Fired Christian Teacher And Mama For Opposing This LGBT Book – But She Got The Final Victory

School officials think they have the power to silence everyone who disagrees with them.

So when one Christian teacher and conservative mama spoke out against a “transgender” book being pushed to children – she was canned.

But she fought back with a vengeance – and now she has her job back.

Bryan County Schools fired substitute teacher Lindsey Barr and didn’t look back. . .

. . . until she filed a lawsuit against them.

Barr expressed concern about a book that was being pushed to children called “All Are Welcome” which featured same-sex couples who were expecting children.

Barr’s own children went to the school, and as a Christian family the last thing she wanted was a radical school with an agenda teaching her children that it was normal for same-sex couples to get married and have babies.

She expressed concern as a teacher (and parent) to the principal and asked for her own children to be excused.

And the very next day, she learned she was no longer able to accept substitute positions with the school nor was able to gain access to the system.

A few days later, she learned she was fired…

… simply because she disagreed with the LGBT propaganda being pushed to children.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) took her case and wrote a letter to the school claiming they violated Barr’s First Amendment rights.

But still they refused to reinstate her.

CBN reported:

“Lindsey spoke out as a Christian, a mother, and a private citizen on an important issue—namely, the content and age-appropriateness of a picture book that the school planned to read to her kids and other elementary-aged children that conflicted with her family’s values and faith. Yet school officials immediately retaliated against her for expressing those views and fired her from a job at which she excelled,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Philip A. Sechler.”

Things heated up as ADF defended Barr’s rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution.

Bryan County Schools suddenly had a change in heart and wanted to avoid a lengthy, expensive, and public trial.

They agreed to settle and gave Barr $45,000 while paying $131,000 to her attorneys to cover their fees.

In addition, she was reinstated back in her position.

What a victory!

But she only won because she fought back and refused to go away quietly like the school had hoped.

ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer reiterated the importance of parent’s continuing to speak out when they see schools going astray.

CBN continued:

“Terminating a teacher for engaging in First Amendment protected expression creates an atmosphere of fear and sends a message to the teacher and others in the community that, if they criticize the school’s approach to cultural or political issues or express viewpoints contrary to the school’s preferred viewpoints, they will face consequences,” Langhofer said.

That’s unlawful and why we had to file suit in Lindsey’s situation,” he explained. “The settlement the school district agreed to is a victory for Lindsey, the families of Bryan County Schools, and every parent’s fundamental right to speak out concerning their children.”

If you have an issue with your school and what they are teaching – don’t be silent about it.

You have a voice, and by speaking up and taking action you can help turn the tide.

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