Trump And Tucker Absolutely Humiliate Fox News

Former President Trump’s talk with Tucker Carlson, which was supposed to go up against the GOP’s presidential primary debate on Fox News, was watched by tens of millions of people.

The interview with the previous president came out just a few minutes before the presidential debate started, and in less than two hours, 80 million people had watched it.

People have said that Trump made a mistake by not debating with his opponents in the first discussion, which was led by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum of Fox News. In the chat with Carlson, he talked about why he didn’t want to go to the debate.

Trump said, “You’ve seen the polls, and I’m ahead by 50 to 60 points.”

“And a few of them are at 1, 0, and 2. And I’m thinking, ‘Do I just sit there for one or two hours, depending on how long it takes, and get bothered by people who should not be campaigning for president?’ Is that a good idea?” he said. “And a network that, to be honest, isn’t very friendly.”

Carlson also asked Trump if he thought there was going to be a civil war in the United States.

“There is a level of passion that I have never witnessed and a level of hatred I have never seen,” he said. “That is probably not a good mix.”

During the conversation, Trump additionally stated that if he becomes president again, Democrats might try to kill him.

“They are wild beasts. There are sick people there. The worst. Great individuals who identify as Democrats are found in the Democratic Party,” according to Trump. “But I’ve witnessed what they do and the depths to which they will go.”

Both Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump have used harsh words to criticize Fox News. Carlson did this after he left the network, and Trump did it during his campaigns and first term as president. Elon Musk has renamed Twitter as X, where Carlson has been posting a new version of his show.

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