Vivek Says The Establishment Fears Him–Is He Right?

The establishment is afraid of Vivek Ramaswamy because he is an anti-woke billionaire, the presidential candidate said on Breitbart News this week.

Ramaswamy cited his desire to “end the fighting in Ukraine and concentrate on defending the homeland” as an example of how he has “probably taken the most arrows coming from those in power due to the fact that they are threatened as a result of my rise up!”

“That is a threat to the conservative elite, so they attacked me for saying it.” Ramaswamy noted that others “dance” around issues like climate change, which he stressed is a “hoax,” adding that “Republicans would prefer to avoid discussing and sweep under the rug his position that he would grant pardons to Donald Trump and the peaceful January 6 protesters.”

“Changes in climate. It came up in the argument, and everyone else talked about time horizons as well as renewable energy to avoid the issue in question. I asked, ‘What change?’ The idea that climate change and the climate movement are important is a lie. Let’s say what that really is. More people die because of bad responses to climate change than because of climate change itself. This poses a threat to both parties’ establishments,” Ramaswamy said, adding that the debate had been “good” because it “showed some true differences in the GOP.”

“I’m entering from outside. This is a real threat to the people who are already in power and the way the elite thinks about foreign policy, climate change issues, and even U.S. internal policy. But I think I’m pretty close to what most of our base wants. Because of this, I would anticipate to be elected. I think this will be the next sitting president. And I believe it will require an outsider combined with a fresh vision in order to get that done,” the presidential candidate said, adding that he won’t be a puppet who says exactly what the donor class desires.

Ramaswamy also talked about why he raised his hand right away during the debate when Bret Baier of the Fox News Channel asked the presidential contenders if they would still back Trump as the winner if he was found guilty. Former Vice President Mike Pence along with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a long time to raise their hands because they were looking around.

Ramaswamy said, “My entire campaign is based on the idea that I would rather say what I really think and lose the presidency than engage in some cautious political snakes and ladders, which is what everybody in the political arena does.”

He made fun of DeSantis, who famously called Trump supporters “listless vessels,” by saying that “voters, particularly in our primary base, have a terrific sixth sense for who is genuinely a patriot that speaks the truth vs who is a, we are going to just say, listless vessel to the Super PAC class.”

“And I believe that’s what makes this primary different. You can have a tool or a warrior who tells the truth. Do you want small steps toward change? He asked, “Or do you prefer a revolution and a comeback?”

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