Joe Biden’s senility keeps getting worse by the day, and now his brain can’t even process simple English sentences. So he had to ask Kamala Harris for help, like a 5th-grader looks at his teacher, whom he had just called “President” in his speech.

During his White House speech on Thursday (January 5, 2023), Biden was a mess as always and mumbling about the invasion of the illegal aliens at the southern border, he called Kamala Harris “President Harris” as he acted out his speech and turned toward her. Realizing he has done it again, Kamala’s expression gave it away but she just nodded and let Biden continue his rant.

Biden ranted on to make up an out-of-this-world claim about the Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) seizing 20 thousand pounds of fentanyl since August of last year. He claimed that this amount would kill as many as a thousand people in America.

While the liberal so-called fact-checkers have yet to debunk Biden’s wild claim, CNS News fact-checked Biden on it and wrote that only 2 pounds of fentanyl can kill half a million people.

Biden also forgot what enforcement measure would replace Title 42 for illegal migrants seeking asylum in America. He wondered whether it’ be Title 9 or Title 8 and asked the audience whether it’s Title 8. He got the confirmation from someone in the attendance and said, “yeah Title 8” while Kamala stood in the background looking down and suppressing her laughter.

Finally Biden culminated his bungled up speech as he left the podium and was asked by a reported for his thoughts on the voting issue for the Speaker of the House. Biden started to answer but got lost mid-sentence: “I’m following it with great, uh… how can I say it?” He looked at Kamala who threw in the missing word: “attention” that Biden quickly picked and awkwardly laughed to dispel his embarrassment.

As expected, the leftist media went mum on Biden’s public embarrassment but conservatives shared the video of Biden’s struggle with language was shared on Twitter, evoking laughter and mockery at Biden’s failing mental health.

Foreign media also mocked Biden’s struggle with completing simple sentences. Russia Today wrote: “Biden forgets English again, Kamala comes to save the day.”

Biden is set to visit the southern border for the first time in two years of his presidency.

Original Article: Biden Calls on ‘President’ Kamala to Help Finish Sentence – The Punching Bag Post